Megan Marlatt
Air: VornadoWater: Dystopian PoeFire: Ache, the Big HeadEarth: Rabbit"4 Birds""Big Head Dreams in the Night Sky""At Sea""2 Muses Sleeping Under a Scarlet Tanager"Bear and Bird in the Woods"Birds and Muses""Bird Battle""The 5 Second Rule in Wyoming""Wyoming Sagebrush Mountain""Cacarear""The Night We Walked Down Montserrat""Study of Bird Species""Holy Cow""Rabbits""Les Animaux, The Animals""Les Tetes, The Heads""Portrait of a Dumb Bunny""Profile of a Dumb Bunny""Portrait of an Angry Beaver in a Cracked Capsule""Portrait of an Angry Grasshopper""Profile of a Ferocious Pink Monster""Portrait of a Cowboy with Neck Tumor""Profile of a Teapot""Scattered Toys 1""Scattered Toys 2""Coulrophobia 1""Coulrophobia 2""Coulrophobia 3""Coulrophobia 4""Coulrophobia 5""Mythic Toys"
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