Megan Marlatt
Megan Marlatt is an artist with an extensive background in painting whose work has expanded over the last three years into sculpture and performance. Since 2013, this expansion is primarily due to her work as founder and director of The Big Head Brigade, (which has it’s own separate website at and can be found on the “Links” section of this website.)
On this website, selected pieces of Megan Marlatt’s big heads can be viewed under “The Big Heads” file, along with paintings and drawings incorporating her big heads as theatrical painting props. In addition, you will find varying self-portraits using the big heads as masks to explore issues of persona, identity and diversity.
Also on this website are paintings and drawings in the files “Works on Paper” and “Toy Paintings”, a 4 year long, 40 ft drawing sketched on a 3 inch high cashier’s paper tape under “The Drawing Roll” and selected public art works including parking lot paintings one can see from Google Earth to classical fresco murals under “Public Art & Murals.”